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Notas Técnicas

Editor Waka Wiki

Ctrl+1,2,3,4 – Título de nivel 1, 2, 3 y 4

Ctrl+A – Seleccionar todo

Ctrl+B – Negrita

Ctrl+E – Agregar enlace externo

Ctrl+I – Itálica

Ctrl+ -

Ctrl+S – Tachado

Ctrl+U – Subrayado (underline)

Ctrl+W – Cerrar ventana, ¡cuidado!

Ctrl+Z – Deshacer


Alt+tab Switch from one window to another – press Alt+tab to show a list of open windows – hold Alt+press tab repeatedly to select a window, – release Alt to switch to the window you selected

Ctrl+a Selects or highlights all of the document

Ctrl+b Bold – applies bold to highlighted characters

Ctrl+c Copy – copies highlighted text to the Clipboard

Ctrl+d Font change – opens font dialog box

Ctrl+e Edit mode (Lotus Notes)

Ctrl+end Jump to end of open document

Ctrl+f Find – displays Find dialog box

Ctrl+h Replace – open Replace dialog box

Ctrl+home Jump to beginning of document

Ctrl+i Italics – applies italics to highlighted characters

Ctrl+k Clear all character styles (bold, italics, etc.)

Ctrl+l Link – displays Link properties dialog box

Ctrl+m Mail – opens Mail window

Ctrl+p Print

Ctrl+r Reload current document into Edit window

Ctrl+right or left arrow key jump one word to the right or left

Ctrl+s Save current document

Ctrl+t Apply fixed width character format to selected text

Ctrl+u Underline – applies underline to highlighted text

Ctrl+up or down arrow key jump one paragraph up or down

Ctrl+v Paste text from Clipboard at the insertion point

Ctrl+w Close current document

Ctrl+x Cut out highlighted text & place a copy on the clipboard

Ctrl+z Undo last action

Esc Close a dialog box without performing any action

Shift+arrow key Highlight text

Shift+space Non-breaking space, to insert


Alt + S saves and closes

Ctrl+shift+k opens new task

Ctrl+shift+n opens new note

Ctrl+shift+m opens new email message

Ctrl+shift+a opens new appointment

Ctrl + F forwards as an email message any task/note/calendar entry: appointment, event/email

Ctrl+shift+e creates a new email folder

Ctrl+shift+v moves emails b/w folders

Ctrl+shift+c opens new contact

Ctrl+shift+i moves you to the email inbox

Ctrl+shift+q opens new meeting request

Ctrl+shift+f opens window for advanced find

Ctrl + F forwards as an email message any task/note/calendar entry: appointmen, event/email

Ctrl+shift+e creates a new email folder

Ctrl+shift+v moves email b/w folders

Alt + G brings up category menu/type the first letter of the category, hit the space bar and then enter (to select the category without using the mouse)

Ctrl+shift+v moves email b/w folders

Ctrl+shift+q opens new meeting request

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